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A combined 40+ years experience in NetSuite.

We have successfully completed over 200 NetSuite projects at every level of business, from billion dollar plus enterprises to just incorporated startups to small shops. While all partners talk up their success, we have also been involved in several projects that were less than successful. When Erik was running implementation services at NetSuite, he oversaw 250 to 300 active implementations. When you have that many project running at once, a few are bound to have issues. So what do we do different? Our methodology protects everyone from some of the missteps that happen while completely transforming your business. We start our assessment now...before you become a client.


At Ardeeka, our sole goal is to serve our clients and help them achieve maximum return for their NetSuite, CRM, and ERP solution investments. We accomplish this through consistent execution and follow through with our clients by our seasoned consultants. Our experienced professionals know how to work with clients and are knowledgeable in both understanding their needs and providing valuable solutions. Regardless of whether you need to deploy NetSuite, CRM, and ERP solutions for the first time or you need to alter your current solution, we have the right consultant to help you!

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Ardeeka provides fully integrated ERP and CRM solutions including financials, reporting, dashboard, and analytic tools meeting all your needs. Our variety of NetSuite services enables us to optimize your investments. In addition, Ardeeka provides top quality NetSuite consulting that consists of pre-planning, implementation, training, optimization, and technical support. With many seasoned professionals, we can offer your business the most versatile integration of the new system into your current business strategies.

NetSuite Implementation

Make NetSuite work for you. We feel that NetSuite is the single most powerful tool your business can use, but properly configuring it to meet your specific needs is paramount. Ardeeka has helped hundreds of businesses to thrive with proper implementation.

Collaboratively making NetSuite yours

Customization and implementation of a NetSuite instance doesn't have to be a painful experience. Our extensive knowledge of NetSuite products will allow Ardeeka to seamlessly implement your company's specific data into the proper workflow. The better we get to know you, the better we can make NetSuite work for you. That's equal partership, and that's the Ardeeka way.


Nuts and bolts, zeros and ones. Ardeeka can implement advanced technical details into NetSuite that add value, reduce drag and optimize workflows for every user in your team. Just ask how.

More than meets the eye

While NetSuite products are powerful on their own, they have the potential to be an indispensible force of efficiency and flexibility. Technical modifications can create conduits to every part of your business, pulling together you most important components and creating a final working product much more powerful than just the sum of it's parts.

Administration Optimization

As important as the knowledge of your business solution set up is to you, the detailed knowledge of your business processes and needs is to us. We work with you to define clear and specific goals for success.

Equipped with the total view of your business, the Ardeeka team continuously monitors your:

  • Changing business needs
  • User experience, knowledge, and expectations
  • The evolving capabilities of your NetSuite software

Through this process, your staff will be trained on NetSuite products but that training has yet to be applied to real life events and emergencies. These real life events and emergencies can have a long lasting negative impact, which is why Ardeeka works with you to provide a full view of NetSuite in your team’s training. In addition, your implementation needs to be stabilized and tuned as users discover problems and request changes.

By tracking the business impact in NetSuite, Ardeeka experts suggest new workflows, features, customizations, and integrations to optimize business value. With an appreciation for your unique circumstances, we’ll work to create an Administration Services package that fits your objectives. Our focus is on your results!


When you make the decision to run your business with NetSuite, you are taking a huge step towards the health of your and tomorrow. You wouldn't run your business without a strategy, so you can't run your software that way either.

Scaling upwards

Where do you see your business in a year? How about 5? Ardeeka can help you attain your goals with a proper strategy in place for NetSuite. As NetSuite experts, we can help you navigate the rich library of resources and functions that NetSuite offers.


The power of NetSuite is in your hands, and at your customers fingertips. We can help you seamlessly operate an online marketplace with real time inventory and product management. Using SiteBuilder or SuiteCommerce Advanced, keep your business up to date with every detail and every transaction.

SuiteCommerce Advanced

As one of a handful of NetSuite Authorized SuiteCommerce Advanced Partners We can create a fully functional, great looking web store for your business that uses NetSuite's rich platform as a foundation.

Harness the power of NetSuite's most advanced eCommerce platform with SuiteCommerce Advanced. Reach more customers in more places with responsive templated design that is optimized for the user. Take advantage of shopping tools that make purchasing from your store easy and fast for your customers. Learn more about NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced here.