NetSuite SuiteCommerce

B2C and B2B on one platform

B2B Commerce. B2C Commerce. Order Management

Intelligent Order Orchestration

Meet customer expectations to buy, fulfill and return anywhere while maximizing profitability by centralizing order management and having a single view of inventory across all channels and the supply chain.
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Fulfill Orders Quickly and Effectively

Manage orders from multiple channels — POS, web, call center, mobile, kiosk — all in one place. Customers, suppliers and partners always know exactly what's happening with every order. Process orders faster, have more satisfied customers and lower operational costs.

Optimize Inventory

Real-time, enterprise-wide inventory visibility, including stores, is key to enabling a buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere experience. Reduce excess inventory, capture lost sales and promote the most profitable products to your customers.

Better Manage Suppliers and Stock Levels

Connect global supply and distribution chains to ensure real-time information sharing, better coordination, increased responsiveness and shortened time to market.

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B2C Commerce

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Rapidly create consistent and personalized shopping and service experiences for every customer in-store and on any device.
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B2B Commerce

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Provide a B2C-like experience with advanced functionality designed specifically for B2B selling and buying needs.
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Data Sheet

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See the NetSuite Advanced Inventory data sheet.
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